Language Lessons



Lesson 1 - "I am..."

Lesson 2 " We are.."

Lesson 3 - "Who, What and Where"

Lesson 4 - "Me, you and them..."

Lesson 5 - "Are you..?"

Lesson 6 - "Descriptions"

Lesson 7 - "Questions"

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Common Phrases

Ai'ya ya —— wow!

Alaka'ai ——an act of surprise

Ala'ai —— gee whiz!

Ah'caq —— Sure!/I don't believe you.

Cin'tuq? ——— I wonder why?

Ca'cau'yuksiit? —— Who do you think you are?

Ee'laiyak ——— gross, yucky

Ala'laiyak —— When you see something scary.

Ala'nguasaq — When you see something cute.

Ag'wa ———— Move

Anihta ——— Good thing! Almost.

Apii --—-It's hot/I'm hot.

Cuka —— Hurry up

Ggwa-mi ——How about that!